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BW Volunteer Translators Devote Many Hours to COVID-19 Communication Efforts

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of dedicated BW team members have been working behind the scenes with BW’s Communications Team to make sure team members across the globe receive important COVID-related communications in the 12 preferred languages of BW. Every time a video fromBob Chapman or important communication from the BW Culture & People Development team is translated by a third party firm, these team members–whose main roles do not include translating—must then make time to review and suggest edits to the documents to ensure the translations are correct and properly capture the cultural essence of the original message.

“Making sure we provide Bob’s updates and other communications in thelanguages that allow our team members to clearly understand the message and the sentiment behind it has been critical to keeping everyone informed and knowing that their health and safety is our top priority,” said Mary Rudder, BW’s Director of Communications. “The dedication and extra hours put forth by these volunteer translators has helped our team members see that we’re truly in this together. Without their effort and their partnership, this wouldn’t be possible.”

First Row (Left to Right): Hélène Godfrin (French), Stefania Lodi Rizzini (Italian), Ankie de Munter (Dutch) & Ingrid DeRidder (Dutch)

Second Row (Left to Right): Marie Louise Kalfas (Swedish), Denise Soydan (German), Hiroko Sakata (Japanese) & Edit Denes (Hungarian)

Not Pictured: Candy Wang (Chinese), Daniel Platschek (Spanish), Edney Fernandes (Portuguese) & Mark Herden (German)

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