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CEO Bob Chapman Connects Virtually with Global Teams

With travel restricted due to COVID-19, CEO Bob Chapman began holding Virtual Listening Sessions with team members across the globe to stay connected and hear how things are going during these challenging times. Thus far, Bob has held sessions with BW Papersystems, CPD Directors, BW Integrated Systems field service technicians, BW Papersystems’ team in Asia, and PCMC team members. Future sessions are being scheduled. Said BW Senior Learning Facilitator David VanderMolen, who is moderating thesessions, “…one of the cool things we are experiencing right now across the enterprise in response to the COVID-19 issue is people engaging in ‘intentional interaction’ which is having a really positive effect on teams, performance and relationships. Intentional interaction makes for strong interconnectivity and that fuels all kinds of good stuff…” After the recent PCMC session, one participant shared, “I’ll be honest, I was nervous, being a newer team member, but what a powerful session…Thank you for letting me be a part of it!” Another said, “It was good to see that we are all pulling in the same direction and caring for others.”

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