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Design Group Team Remains Focused on Mark Anthony Brewing Project

Since early March, a team of Design Group professionals have been navigating COVID-related challenges to “fast track” a capacity expansion project in Union, New Jersey (US) for Mark Anthony Brewing, maker of White Claw Hard Seltzer. The velocity and scale of this project would present significant challenges even under thebest of circumstances but DG’s MAB team and their trusted construction partners have worked together tirelessly to overcome adversity, and keep the construction moving, while never compromising workplace safety.

The multi-office Design Group team onsite at the NJ Mark Anthony facility include Bob Brune (STL), Bhavesh Shah (PHI), Matt Molengraft (SAT), David Grueneberg (HOU), Joe Yagich (IND), Steve Storms (CNC), Mark Hallowell (RDU), Al Polanco (NYC), Rita Palmer (NYC), Roger McClure (CNC), Julia Lu (PHI), Frank Conti (PHL), Steve Chapman (PHL), and Jen Baquial (NYC).

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