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Frank Hogan, Sales Exec of BW Integrated Systems-Minneapolis, Offers to Drive RV to Help Customer

The friction feeder recently sent to Frank Hogan for use on sales calls came in handy with a customer needing a faster packaging solution for medical face shields they were producing for doctors and nurses on the front lines. Frank asked for the customer’s product and then sent a video demo of the machine showing the product running on it. Almost immediately, the customer called, extremely impressed by the machine’s capabilities since they had been hand packing the face shields.

Frank ultimately secured the order and offered to do whatever was necessary to help the customer speed up delivery of product to the front lines. At one point, Frank even offered to drive his RV to the customer’s site to speed up set up and training. Said Wayne Robens, BWIS-Minneapolis Value Stream Leader, “I am proud to be part of Frank’s team. He made a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic and inspired the rest of the feeder team. His national pride and customer focus are benchmarks for all of us.”

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