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PCMC’s Virtual Machine Audits Helps Customers Meet Demand

During this COVID-19 crisis, some essential manufacturers trying to meet increased demand for their products are doing so by bringing older machines back to life. Often, they’re turning to PCMC for help.

“We have customers who are starting up machines that have not run for maybe a year or two,” said Jim Ferron, PCMC-Green Bay Audit Leader. “Themachines are running, but many are not reaching full production capabilities.”

With COVID-19 causing companies to prohibit non-employees from entering their facilities, PCMC’s Accelerate Live technology enables PCMC to lead machine improvements without ever stepping foot in the door. Through a tablet and mobile app, PCMC’s Accelerate Live acts as the eyes and ears for a virtual machine audit, allowing PCMC technicians and aftermarket experts to conduct an inspection of the machine.

“The technology provides an incredibly valuable option right now,” said Ferron. “A virtual audit allows us to see exactly what the customer sees. We can ask someone onsite to turn over specific parts and ask them questions about what they are seeing, feeling and hearing. This gives us a much closer connection to the customer and helps us quickly develop a plan for bringing the machine back to its original as-shipped condition.”

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