We appreciate our team members in our facilities and client sites!

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Thank you tp All Facility / Floor Team Members

Sending a HUGE THANK YOU and KUDOS to all our location team members who worked diligently during the height of Covid and continue to do so. Your dedication and tireless drive ensured that everyone in this company continued to work and were able to provide for their families. I have been involved in the manufacturing industry with previous employers so I understand what you are all doing and with that hold great respect for each and every one of you. Many, Many Thanks!

Field Service in Coca Cola Sydney

Special mention must go to PSA / BW Australia Field Service Technician BEN REDFERN for stepping into the breach and leading a local team on a major on site rebuild of a 30 year old ANGELUS high speed can seamer! This had been planned out nearly 12 months in advance with the assistance of 2 extra overseas PSA Technicians at CCA in Sydney. Due to COVID, this additional Technical support could not travel and Ben led a local team of customer Techs to bring this project home 4 days under the scheduled time frame to the grateful thanks of this major customer………. Well done mate! Gordon

Thank you!

To those who have adjusted their current roles in order to better support our customers, thank you for going outside of your comfort zone and stepping in where help is needed. Your flexibility is critical and valuable. Thank you!

Highest Thanks to the people doing work with no attachments!!!

On knowing the positive stories from the desk of Bob Chapman, By seeing the BW teams and BW people doing better things in action by delivering customer needs which in turn are committed to save the lives , I feel the way we identify ourselves , particularly when our livelihood is so connected with the organisation we are, it’s truly awesome to be part of BW. By all I see, Every Leader and Every BW Teams have instilled the confidence, faith and truth that BW stands high amidst tough times and being good in all ways , Let the rays of hope, bring lots of Sunshine on every people of BW who step up to keep things moving and a great thanks to the BW people at work!!!


In One side increase of Covid Situation, Other side Jobless Situation. But to avoid Panic situation BWDG CPD calling each Pros to understand the situation, Team Meeting by Delivery Managers to encourage Pros, Catch up call by Directors to understand the circumstances of Pros. Really excellent initiatives whoever owns the idea.

Thank you Machine Solution’s Team!

As we navigate these challenging times, I continue to be impressed by our team’s ability to flex their roles and step up to meet the ever changing needs of our customers, company and fellow associates. THANK YOU all for the care you have exhibited for each other and the organization. It is a team effort that keeps Machine Solutions moving forward!

Thank you to our Baldwin Lenexa, KS production team.

A very big thank you to the production and shipping teams in Lenexa, KS that support the Baldwin business for your hard work. Your efforts to manufacture/ship products for our customers during the past 3 months with all that is happening in our world is truly inspiring. To the production and shipping team members, good very well done.

Slough Finance Team

I would like to recognise the Slough Finance team for their dedication, hard work and long hours that they put in right now covering their colleagues who are not working at the moment

We appreciate you!

To those thinking outside of the box to drive business, thank you for your dedication to keep our business moving forward.

Sincere Thanks to “Baldwin Vision System – Team India”.

Thank you, All Baldwin Vision System-India Team Members, for keeping our company and customers going during this lockdown situation. Your continuous efforts and keeping live contact with our customers are highly appreciated. Special THANKS to Umang for his efforts and performing assembly/manufacturing work for Autotron by attending office during lockdown and to Nirav for joining and helping Umang when required. Keep it up. – Hemant Desai

AMS Spectral UV celebrates our Engineering Department

A HUGE THANK you to our engineering department who continues to move forward designing the orders to ensure that we are staying busy in the production area and keeping orders going out the door. The whole team is working seamlessly together while working from home. THANK YOU TEAM!!!

Thank you Inventory Management!

Vision Systems would like to thank all of the teammates involved in the inventory reduction effort. Many have been asked to support this effort and the response has been immense. Initial results of your efforts are positive and we could not be more appreciative. Thank you!

AMS Spectral UV – River Falls appreciates Pete Bremer

AMS Spectral UV would like to recognize Pete Bremer and the entire IT Department for all of their hard work during this time. Pete worked very hard to set up our employees so they could work from home to ensure that they were safe and healthy. He continues everyday to make things happen with the every changing rules and regulations. We would not be able to do this without him! THANK YOU PETE!!!

A special thank you to our Field Service Ingeniers

Thank you for going the extra mile. It wouldn.t be fear not to mention you at this special occassion and to recognize your efforts and courage in persevering doing a great job and making more than just a technical job, making a customer satisfied, it rewards us all. Thank you so much !!

Working from home BW Baltimore parts team support has been great!

I would like to thank all essential team members for all their support they give me and BW as I work from home. They have been essential to me in helping me be successful working from home. Special thanks go out to Bill S, John H, Nick V, Orcen L, Jeff E, Jeff S, Vince S, Ryan F, AND Jack D. Thanks again to all.

To those providing PPE – thank you!

To those making masks and sourcing PPE to help keep us all safe – thank you for your efforts and even sharing across offices when supplies run low. We appreciate you all!

Family Care

Thank you for making team members feel that them and their families are so important that we are able to fill in when needed. BW has been very understanding with my situation with my parents and it has been a tremendous gift for me. I am now taking care of my newly widowed mother and have taken time off for it and it has made our lives a more bearable at this crazy and very sad time. Thank you BW from me and my family.

Thanks to Kevin Brock and all the IT support folks

I would like to propose a vote of thanks to Kevin Brock and all the IT support folks who have sorted out all the wrinkles in the technology to allow everybody to work from home. I know I’d still be struggling without access to a printer without Kevin’s help.

Thank You, Mike Arvonio

Thank you for the attention to detail and ensuring our customers receive world-class customer support. Your efforts are significant and help show our customers we are in this together, now more than ever.

AMS Spectral UV Shop Workers ROCK!!!!

AMS Spectral UV would like to send a special “shout out” in honor of all the workers in the manufacturing department at each location! We are so thankful to each of you, and your families, that you have consistently come to work every day to ensure our products go out the door to keep the business running!

Plexiglas protector

I want to Thank Sejo, Luke and Mike Kvas for the plexiglas protector they made for the front office/reception area. It is very nicely done and gives me added protection from face to face contact and it looks fabulous. Sejo and Mike have been very conscious of keeping us healthy by making sure of the sanitizing, and getting us the materials we need to wipe down our areas. And seeing they are so vigilant and caring about team members has me feeling confident in our surroundings.

Thank you O&G HOU team

We in Chennai, India are working from our homes to complete drawings for West Texas Gas, a client out of Tx. We needed additional data to complete a task and the HOU PM Nish (Khanal Nish) helped by getting Al Benavidez to Midlands site by road to get the data from field. The teams helping each other during tough times is highly appreciated.. Thank you Nish and Al, and the Team AEP Chennai.

At Home Heros

As a spouse to someone who works from home everyday I can say that it has been inspiring to see the effort that goes into being a stay at home parent, teacher, and dedicated team member for BWP. It takes a special person to nurture for our 5 children; through teaching and setting an example everyday. It takes dedication to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks when it comes to your role in the business. Perseverance shines through EVERY DAY!

Working from home but not alone!

A special Thank You to the BW Global IT Service desk, in particular Jeff Bossaller and Jonathon Nichols, who came to my rescue when I had issues accessing my One Drive & server. Their time and patience was greatly appreciated!

From all BWP Latin America team

We appreciate Alfonso and Martin efforts to keep on working in the field, visiting our customers facilities and giving them a great service against all the adversities in this hard times of worldwide pandemic. Thank you!

Thank You

Thank you all who keep our working environment safe!!!

Thank you

Thank you to those who can’t do their jobs from home, especially those who continue to travel to customer sites to help keep machines running.

Grateful for the many hats you wear!

So thankful to our CPD Manager and all the hats she wears. It is great to have her energy and mastery in all she does. It is not easy these days, even if we are a reduced staff and Michelle makes it all flow. So grateful to work with someone like this!

Many Thanks

Thanks to all those going on site to keep the business strong during these difficult times. At PCMC-Plymouth, we have ‘the three amigos’ on board ‘the mothership’ in addition to more recently beamed in crew. Lots of well-deserved appreciation sent your way.

I am grateful for our Frontline Heroes!

“Develop an attitude of gratitude and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” -Brian Tracy

BWP Parts Teams

Thank you to the BWP Parts Team members who continue to support our customers 24/7 and for reaching out to them to just see how they are doing! During these unprecedented times it is good for our customers to know we are thinking of them as well and we are here when they need us. As hard as it is to be separated and working from home, you are all doing a great job in supporting our customers and one another. Stay safe, healthy and can’t wait until we can all be back in the office together!

Sincere Thanks to Team India.

Thank you, All India Team Members, for keeping our company and customers going. Your continuous efforts and keeping live contact with our customers are highly appreciated. Special Thanks to Mrunal for his efforts and visiting customer during his machine break down. Keep it up. – Hemant Desai

Thanks for what you do everyday!

Thanks, team, for you what you are doing everyday to keep our essential business operating for our customers, our country, and ourselves!

Many Thanks!

Thanks to all of you who are leaving the security of your homes in such difficult times. Your work and commitment are crucial for keeping the wheel spinning. Stay safe! Ronaldo Vieira

Three Amigos (PCMC Plymouth) – Thank You

I would like to thank Paul Tremain, Jon Penaluna and Josh McGauran for their sterling efforts during this worrying time. They have worked on-site throughout the pandemic and continue to do so, safely steering “The Mother Ship” through dangerous times towards safety and future prosperity. Well done lads, keep it up.

Thank You

Thank you to all Team Members at BWFS, Nottingham who have helped out at Customer’s sites along with working in our facility on a daily basis. If it was not for you we would not be able to help customers around the world install machines remotely, keep building and servicing machines and shipping spare parts around the world. THANK YOU. Janice Naylor

Thank You !!

Thank you for all the work and efforts. Stay safe and healthy !!


Thanks team for all your effort to keep this business going…… you are doing a great job……

Thank You

Thank you! Please be proud of the work you do, the perople you are, and the difference you make. You’re ALL amazing!!!!

Many Many Thanks!

Thank you all that have continued to work during these difficult times! I appreciate all of you very much as you are doing great things! Stay Safe

Thank you!

We greatly appreciate you! Your hard work is really “putting the team on your back.”

BW Heroes

Thank you to all those individuals who risk their own safety going into work each day! This helps ensure that the company and all internal and external customers have a bright future to look forward to. I cannot express my appreciation enough!

Special Thanks to Mount Carmel Health System

During the peak of the Covid19 situation my wife needed a kidney procedure performed and we were having difficulty finding an office willing to perform the task. Thankfully Dr. Stewart from Mount Carmel agreed to perform the procedure in spite of the current virus situation. The team was professional and responsive. Not only was the procedure performed soon and quickly, the follow up by Dr. Stewart was a breath of fresh air. He followed up with a phone call twice. My wife is doing well today thanks to his office and the hospital. Thank you. Phil – Ohio

Thanks To Every BW Team Member

Thanks to everyone working at BW!! Those at home, those in the offices, those working hard to stay on top of how to handle this issue with COVID-19 – keeping our team members safe while working and creating a plan to bring everyone back to work safely. A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to the team members working at the facilities, keeping production moving….ensuring products are made and delivered to families in need. It is your hard work that is keeping this large family in place. At a time of economic downturn, BW is working to stay healthy and so many of you are on the lines ensuring that happens. God Bless Everyone and your families!!

Sincere Gratitude!

We’re all very fortunate to be part of an essential business, allowing us to continue working and collecting a paycheck when so many others cannot. Much of the office personnel can perform our duties effectively from our homes, but without all the people creating, installing and servicing our products, those duties would dwindle soon. To all of you that continue to show up in our facilities and our customers’, you are invaluable. Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you!

I could not be more thankful to our team members who go into the office and plants each day. Each of you are heroes!!!!


Thanks for the ongoing work being put in to all still AT the workplace receiving no extra compensation like many other frontline workers!


Thank you for keeping our company and our customers going! We can’t say how much you all are appreciated for all your efforts. THANK YOU!!


A huge thank you to all our factory workers who are still out there in these difficult times!

With Gratitude

From our family to all of you, thank you tremendously for all that you are doing to serve our world. We are so very grateful for the resilience and perseverance shown by all. Continued health and well-being! – Kim and Aaron Dimmock

To the builders

The remote at home team is nothing without the skill of those who manufacture and assemble. Thank you for your courage to come in and preforming your craft with the skill and dedication you always bring with you.

Thank you!

Our lives are so blessed with some of the most amazing people. Thank you for keeping our company and our customers going!


Thank you so much for carrying the torch for your BW family. Your individual and team contributions are weaving a safety net for our entire organization and ensuring we ALL have a bright future ahead. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We are all thinking about you and cheering you on!

Water is life

Gianluca, from Accraply, helped a Water Bottling Company in Italy vith an emergency maintenance visit during COVID 19 lock out period. Water is essential and if the bottling line was not shipping bottled water would have been a big problem. Thanks Gianluca

Enormous Thanks…

To all the teams that are keeping our factories working and our customers supported. To the team members that continue to travel to and work in our factories & customer sites, plus the team members that have adapted their personal environment so that they can work from home.


Thank you all wonderful at Baldwin dedicated to serve our customers the best way possible! Please share, like and comment on our appreciation here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/baldwin-technology-company-inc-_thankyou-baldwintechnology-activity-6656916857615851520-Rd1H

Thank you!

Thank you to you all around the world working in our plants and at client sites. Special ‘thank you’ to Hayssen Italy Padova Team

Many Thanks Warriors

Feeling so proud to thank you for your very kind efforts for holding the Flag in this difficult time and helping us to generate a valuable future for all of us. Salute to your Courage.


What does it mean to be essential? It means our business supports people around the globe with the things they need every day. That makes me proud. I want to thank the ESSENTIAL team members who come to work every day to allow BW to play a role in keeping essential businesses producing their products. Because of you I can work at home with all the food, pharmaceuticals, household products, bathroom tissue I need, arriving daily in boxes produced on our equipment. Because of you I have a job to do and a secure future.


Thank you for all that you do and we value your every single effort


Thank you for all you are doing on the frontlines. It is not going unnoticed.

Thank you!

Thank you for all your hard work. Your efforts in the field help keep our business profitable, and ensure that we still have a place to work and are able to earn a living to support our families. Much appreciated! Please stay safe and health!

Heartfelt Thanks!

To the BW family members working in all our facilities, thank you for making sure our team members stay safe, our customers are taken care of and our business continues through all the challenges. Your dedication, service, and sacrifice do not go unnotices. So grateful for every effort – big and small!

¡Muchas gracias!

Aprecio mucho su esfuerzo y dedicación. Aprenderemos mucho de esta emergencia y saldremos fortalecidos. ¡Cuídense!

We Appreciate You!

Very grateful to have peers who are working feverishly to ensure we can support the front line. Whether you are manufacturing products, engineering solutions, or supporting either through business operations, thank you for all that you are doing to help during this time!

Amazing Team

Thank you for going above and beyond and taking on additional responsibilities to ensure the safety of everyone and to keep both our people and businesses healthy during these unprecedented times. We truly have an amazing team!

Thanks to all our Brave coworkers

Thank You to everyone that continues to contribute to our success. Whether it is in the factories, office, home office or in the field, we appreciate everyone’s commitment.

Thank You to Our Customer-focused Heroes!

Thank you to those frontline team members who are still building products, purchasing parts, answering the phone, and keeping us connected–all to benefit our customers. You are appreciated!

Frontline Heroes

Thank you helping keep our people safe, our customers satisfied, and our business vibrant. Wherever in the world you are, thank from the bottom of our hearts. – Brian and Claire Wellinghoff


Thank you! Gracias! Merci! Danke! Grazie! Obrigado! Tack! Spasibo! Xie xie! Arigato!

Simply…THANK YOU!!!!

To my wonderful Team Members working in the plants – THANK YOU! Though I am lucky to be working from home, please know that I think of you everyday and truly appreciate your efforts and contributions to keeping the business going. If it wasn’t for you, many of us would not have jobs. Please stay safe! THANK YOU again and again!

Melody Beattie said it best…

“Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity…it makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” Thank you, Frontline Heroes!


Thank you to all of the BW family members who are working in the manufacturing facilities keeping the company going and serving our global customers. You ROCK!!!

Hard-working heroes

Thanks for your dedication and hard work to keep our business moving for the benefit of all of us! We’re to support you in any way we can.

Words are not enough…

Not only am I grateful for the important work you’re doing, but your service is vital to our communities and the world at this time. Sending you my gratitude…today and every day.

You’re the best!

Thank you to everyone who is going to work during this time! We all appreciate everything you are doing to keep the business running and to keep everyone safe!

Thank you for the work you do!

I wanted to take this moment to say thank you to those that are still working on site. I appreciate your service and value your commitment to the company. Stay safe and continue to stay healthy!

Thank You, Frontline Heroes!

We are grateful to our fellow team members around the world who are working inside our plants and offices. Your being there allowed us to stay home and keep our families safer. Much gratitude!


Much gratitude to our team members around the world who have remained working in our plants and at client sites. They have been there for our customers, for our business, for us.

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