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BW Frontline Hero Also Serves as Frontline Healthcare Hero

Christiaan Kot is an assembler for BW Flexible Systems/Symach in their Terneuzen, Netherlands facility. He is also a member of the volunteer fire brigade in Terneuzen, which means he gets called out for emergency support when ambulances are summoned. A few weeks ago, Christiaan was called away from work to help someone who needed CPR. One of his fellow firefighters who arrived before him performed the resuscitation. Maintaining the 1.5-meter/ 6-feet distance is not possible when performing CPR, and the volunteer firefighters wear heavy extinguisher suits and protection equipment to do their jobs—no easy feat! “It is reassuring that there are volunteers like Christiaan who are risking their health to help other people in need during this time of COVID-19,” said Ankie de Munter, BWFS-Terneuzen CPD Leader. “Chapeau! (Hats off to him!)” Thank you for your service, Christiaan!

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