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Schib/BW Flexible Systems Provides Packaging Equipment for Facemask Production

Schib, which manufactures automatic packaging lines and flow wrapper packaging solutions as part of BW Flexible Systems, is in Monte de Malo, Italy, about 60 miles (100 km) northwest of Venice. When Schib’s leadership team learned a local business would be producing much-needed facemasks for the global market, they wanted to help.

Alessandro Stiffan, Schib General Manager, said the contractor planned to convert his production of textile finishing products to the production of facemasks. To avoid purchasing a machine for the temporary facemask production, he reached out to Schib.

“We already had the availability of a Schib CO-50 machine—a good fit for that product—and we immediately lent it to this contractor for free,” said Stiffan.

“This was a clear application, in my mind, of our Guiding Principles of Leadership and our Safety Covenant: we want to foster care and safe practices within our families and communities, we measure our success by the way we touch the lives of people. It was our call and we responded. It is a tiny contribution, but every drop counts when there is an emergency.”

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