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BW Papersystems’ Onsite and Remote Teams Collaborate on Latin American Sheeter Project

In May, a new eCon sheeter was scheduled for installation at BWP customer Ibratec’s facility in Sau Paulo, Brazil. To ensure a successful project launch, BWP Project Manager Rafael Restrepo spent time at the BWP manufacturing facility observing completion and testing of the two-web folio sheeter. Rafael and the BWP team then shared critical information with BWP Service Engineer Carlos Silva who was onsite at Ibratec during the installation. Daily online meetings with the customer, project leadership and engineers were key to its successful launch. Ibratec is very satisfied with cut and stack quality, especially with their more difficult product of metalized paper.

Thanks to the Sheeter Value Stream team, including Casey Lense, Matthew Plath, Erik Paulson, Brent Henney and Gerald Bourgard for their remote engineering support, and to Edney Fernandes for his sale and teamwork with Rafael to build the customer relationship.

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